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We provide complete solution for bamboo farming starting from site selection, layout for plantation, cultivation method and sapling supply, plantation management, fertilizer & irrigation management, harvesting and marketing, mechanized processing, supply of produce to end users

We have already distributed more than 2,00,000 saplings in different districts of Maharashtra state. Plantations are successful and bamboo farming concept is being spread to farmers and industries. The growth is excellent due to adoption of prorogation by tissue culture saplings as quality seed material.

Global cooling foundation (NGO)

Subject :- Bamboo as an energy plant

Among the several options available for captive power production ,biomass based power plants are one of the most environmental friendly .Biomass is available mainly from trees ,either grown widely or cultivated purposely ,BEEMA bamboo produces highest biomass as compare to any other tree plantation . Tissue culture BEEMA Bamboo is highly cultivable and responds very well to agricultural management practice ,where as today the Bamboo is available mostly in the wild or grown with no care ,with very less yield 1 ton per acre. Under precision farming high yielding clone of beema bamboo can yield over 50 tons of biomass annually.

The energy potential of “ fastest growing grass –Bamboo “ remain untapped due to lack of awareness of its potential .Having an energy value of 4000 Kcal/kg with an ash content of 1 to 3% at low production cost. Bamboo is an best substitute & alternative low cost fuel source as compare to bagasse & coal . Bageses is available seasonly , coal we have to import & is highly expensive & hazardous to environment .Requirement of coal quantity can be reduced by Bamboo.

Bamboo commercial cultivation can be grown on ETP water & provides income through biomass generation & carbon credits which sustains the operations. Conventionally biomass is collected from agricultural fields from vast area over 12000 Acres to feed 1MW biomass project. Where as the Beema Bamboo based energy plantation provides required Biomass Just from 200 Acres.

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