Bamboo Bamboo

Established in 2008 with the following objectives –

  • To promote bamboo plantation by micro propagation technique (Tissue culture) and precision farming methods
  • To create Bamboo green vegetation on dry, barren, fallow, virgin and grassy lands
  • To convert unproductive land into productive asset
  • To introduce bio-fuel based energy efficient and sustainable technologies
  • To train rural youth in bamboo cultivation and processing to stop urban migration
  • To promote bamboo based enterprises for sustainable livelihood
  • To develop bamboo as an alternative for wood in furniture making, construction and as fuel for thermal applications
  • To achieve benefits like reinforcement of embankments & drainage channels through soil erosion control, moisture conservation and carbon sequestration
  • To improve unproductive sodic & Saline lands through scientific cultivation and management
  • To develop bamboo resources in the area & working to improve bamboo stock & its diversity.
  • Increase institutional linkage in between grower, buyer, processer government agency and banker.
  • Utilsation & planning of dry land,co- operative sector, industrial & involving other agency.
  • To insist & follow-up for government GR guide lines & hurdles in implementation.
  • Conduct training program me for government officials, farmers, private institutions & processers.
  • Technology distribution of tissue culture bamboo plantation & its cultivation practices.