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Beema Bamboo Plantation

Benefits of Beema Bamboo

We are NGO devoted activity for Beema Bamboo plantation precision farming green belt development, Recreation of bamboo green vegetation on dry, barren fallow land converting unproductive land to productive. Promoting bamboo precision farming concept for marginal farmer, poor farmer, middle class farmer. Efforts to reduce forest wood exploitation and improving Socio-economic livelyhood with bamboo sustainable farming. Protection of environment & developing rural employment to stop male urban migration. we give complete solution for farming from site selection layout for plantation, cultivation practice and sapling supply, After care plantation, Fertilizer & irrigation management, Cutting & harvesting and marketing solution up to mechanized harvesting transportation, supply of produce to processer.

Growth at Various Age...

5 Month Plantation
10 Month Plantation
1 Year Plantation
16 Month Plantation
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